Link an email to the purchase order messages section

Anvyl offers an easy-to-use messaging system that brings email correspondence between you and your suppliers into a centralized messages section on your order page.

When you initiate a message to your supplier from Anvyl, all successive correspondence between you and your supplier will automatically be brought to the correct order page within Anvyl.

But what if you have an email thread that wasn't initiated inside Anvyl?

You can easily share any email or email thread to the correct order on Anvyl using the provided forwarding email:

To forward your emails to Anvyl, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the email or email thread that you would like to associate with an order in Anvyl
  2. Click the forward button in your email client to forward the email to an alternate address.
  3. In the "To" address line, enter "" or "".
  4. Ensure that somewhere in your forwarded email or email thread, the PO number has been mentioned at least once.
  5. Anvyl will parse the forwarded email for the PO number and associate the forwarded email to the correct order on Anvyl.
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