With dynamic views you can easily and swiftly navigate and manage a large data set and it simplifies the way you view and action your data. You have the flexibility to choose from pre-populated out-of-the-box views (base views) or create impactful, individual custom views for each team member so they can easily access and view data that’s relevant to them. Base views and your custom views are shared across your entire team to keep everyone informed the way they need to be.

With Dynamic Views, you can:

  • Access your data with a single click from the left navigation panel
  • Configure your entity data in columns and with filters
  • Create a new view from scratch or from an existing view
  • Use Global Actions to create something new from anywhere in Anvyl
  • Take action on individual rows within a view
  • Open the details or make updates directly within a row

Note: Anvyl will migrate any existing Reports that your team created to new custom views.

This article describes:

What is a base view?

Base views are a starting point that Anvyl provides for our customers. A base view is a default, pre-populated Dynamic View that all Anvyl customers will see. They let you see all of your orders, parts, suppliers, and shipments within a single entity-specific base view. You can work directly from a base view or use one as a template to create a new custom view.

Anvyl groups base views by categories, and powers each one by a table. For example, an Orders table powers the Open orders base view. Check out the table below for a list of all the base views in Anvyl:

Entity category Base view name
  • Open orders
  • Parts on order
  • Unpaid order payments
  • Parts
  • Assemblies
  • Part-supplier links
  • Suppliers
  • Supplier factories
  • Supplier contacts
  • Tracked shipments
  • Track shipment requests
  • Incomplete tasks
  • Files uploaded

You can edit base views to specify exactly what data you want to see, but to keep your changes you’ll need to save the modified base view as a clone. For more, check out Clone a view.

How to navigate your views

You can easily access your views from the left-side navigation panel with a single click. By default, each category contains only 5 views, but when you click an entity name (Orders, Parts, Suppliers, and Shipments) you’ll see all corresponding base and custom views.

Within the navigation panel, you can:

  • Expand and collapse sections to increase your screen space
  • See your favorites (saved views)
  • Add entities
  • Create new views

After you open a view, you can perform a variety of actions:

  • Edit individual fields or change what data appears in the view
  • Take action on individual rows within a view
  • Open the details or make updates directly within a row

Note: Currently, you cannot change how your views are ordered under Views. Anvyl displays them in the order that you create them.



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