In Dynamic Views, you can quickly make multiple changes at one time with Anvyl’s cell editing feature. Cell editing allows you to modify the fields in a view, up to 100 rows at a time, all without opening an entity’s detail page.

This article covers:

Who can edit cells in a view

These users can make changes to fields directly within a view:

  • Brand users with edit permission
  • Suppliers and Third Party Collaborators can edit these fields:
    • Quantity Shipped
    • Assignee Name
    • Task Status
    • Task Linked Milestone
    • Task Due Date

Exceptions to cell editing

Editing fields in Anvyl is quick and easy, but keep in mind these few exceptions:

  • If you need to edit Milestone-related fields, click the Update order status button in the row action options.
  • You can edit only one field at a time (Anvyl doesn't currently support bulk editing in the same column).
  • To edit fields for split shipments you'll need to go to Order Details Page > Split Shipments.
  • Columns that contain aggregate data are view-only.
  • If you modified a view (for example, removed a column), you'll need to save your changes (for custom views)to the view or clone it (for base views) BEFORE you can edit any fields in the view.

How to edit fields in a view

  1. Open Anvyl.
  2. Navigate to a view.
  3. Click in a field to start editing. Fields that are editable display a pencil when you hover over it.
  4. Click Save Edits to save your changes (Anvyl doesn't automatically save your changes).
    Note: If you make changes to fields in active orders, Anvyl will reissue POs. For more, check out Review and submit your changes.
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