Anvyl allows brands and suppliers to easily collaborate across supply chains. Anvyl is free to use for suppliers, but you don’t need to login into the platform to update your purchase orders - you can make all order updates directly from your email.  

Getting started is simple! 

For the first purchase order that you need to accept from your brand, you’ll receive an email inviting you to manage your orders in Anvyl. The email will state the purchase order issuer's name, the brand they represent, and the purchase order number. 



Follow the steps below to authenticate your account:

  1. Click Review And Accept PO On Anvyl from the email you received.
  2. Create a password.
  3. Opens into the order details screen
    • Review the purchase order details
      • Yellow box
        • Download and/or view the purchase order
      • The left column lists the item on order
      • Middle section displays:
        • Activity feed
        • Files
        • Messages
        • Tasks
        • Finance
      • The right column lists the shipment details
    • Accept the order or reject the order by filling out the form

After you accept the first order from your email and set up your Anvyl account, you’ll receive future emails from Anvyl that prompts you to confirm each purchase order milestone. You can also send messages and attach files all through your email notifications and Anvyl adds them to the platform. 

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