The order details page shows you a variety of information about the order and lets you perform certain actions from this page.

To view the order details:

  1. Open Anvyl.
  2. Go to Views > Orders in the left navigation panel and click a view in the list
    • Open order base will have a list of active orders
  3. Hover over a row to activate its actions and click the Open orders details icon or click the hyperlink box in the column PO Number
  4. The Order detail page appears.

In this section you will not only see the full details of the order but can action against the following:

  • See all the milestones dates and their status
  • Update status
  • Undo a milestone confirmation
  • Attach a file
  • Send a message
  • Add a task
  • Suggest split shipment
  • Add a shipment
  • View collaborators
    • Edit your team

When you receive an email about an order, you can attach a file or send a message about the order by replying to all on the email. The file will be uploaded under the classification "Production Update" in the category "In Production". The brand will able to recategorize the file in the Files tab. The message will be posted in the Messages tab. Ensure that if you respond via email, you click "Reply to all". 

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