While you don’t need to login into the Anvyl platform to update your purchase orders (you can make all updates to orders directly from your email), you can log into Anvyl and use the dashboard to target important orders quickly. The Anvyl dashboard provides many easy-to-view widgets that give you a high-level overview of different aspects of your orders.  

This article covers the following:

What you'll see on your dashboard

Your dashboard is the first page you’ll see when you log into Anvyl. To access this page, you’ll need to create a password using the invite email you received from your brand. On the dashboard, you’ll see:

Ship date calendar view: This shows all of the active orders you have in that month. Each dot represents an individual order and the status of that order. Milestones are performed in sequential order. The color of the dot is representative of the existing milestone confirmation. For a milestone to progress to the next stage, the initial and previous milestones will be green:  

  • Orange - milestone confirmation is out / being confirmed < 48 hours
  • Grey - purchase order rejected or rescheduled milestone
  • Red -  milestone confirmation prompt has gone unacknowledged > 48 hours
  • Green - milestone has been confirmed

Notifications: Shows new and overdue requests for purchase orders. From here you can drill down into the order details. Keep in mind that you have 48 hours to respond to an order request before it’s moved from the New Requests section to the Overdue Requests section.

How to see your on-time performance

On-time performance is calculated by comparing an order's estimated ship date and the order's actual ship date. Both of these inputs are provided by the supplier in the Ship Date milestone. To learn more about the Ship Date milestone of order, read the full article here.

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