If you accidentally confirm a milestone, both you and your brands have the option to undo the milestone confirmation. Keep in mind that if you added any collaborators to a PO, they don’t have the ability to undo a milestone.

To undo a milestone confirmation:

  1. Open Anvyl
    • Click VIEW ORDER from the email notification received
    • Log-in to forge.anvyl.com
    • From and from your dashboard, select a new or overdue request.
    • Use the global search function at the top of the browser
    • Click on the Open orders base and click into the details page for the purchase order
  2. Click the Undo option in the Milestone section. The name of the option varies depending on which milestone is available for you to undo.
    Note: You can undo only one milestone at a time.
  3. Click confirm.


Undoing a milestone confirmation doesn’t affect any files, messages, and tasks associated with the purchase order. Anvyl updates the activity feed for the purchase order and sends an email notification to all brand team users to inform them of the change. 

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