When your brand sends you a message through the platform, you’ll receive an email notification that includes the message and provides a few ways to respond to it. 

This article covers:

How to message by email

You can respond to any messages directly by email, without ever needing to log into the Anvyl platform. 

  1. Open the email notification you received. You’ll see the order number and the message in the body of the email.
  2. Click Reply All.
    Note: You must use the reply all functionality to make sure the Anvyl platform adds the message to the purchase order on the platform.
  3. Type your message.
  4. Send Email.

To access the history and respond to the email thread in Anvyl, navigate to the Messages tab inside the purchase order.


How to message in Anvyl

You can create a new message to send to a team member or your brand or reply to existing messages within the platform.

  1. Open Anvyl
  2. Click Open Orders base (if a purchase order is open) or locate the correct View
    • Locate the purchase order
    • Hover over the row
    • Select the overflow menu "..."
    • Click Post new comment
    • This will take you directly to the Messages tab
  3. Or you can search for the PO # in the global search or click the order directly on any of your Views
  4. Click the Messages tab.
  5. To create a new message:
    • Type your message in the field.
      • Try using @ to add links to orders, parts, and collaborators. 
      • If you send a message with @ to a person they will be notified.
    • Send Post Comment.
  6. To reply to an existing message:
    • Scroll down to the message that you want to respond to.
    • Click Reply.
  7. To message or reply to a file:
    • Click on the Files tab.
    • Click into the file or click Add comment
    • Type your message in the field.
    • Send Post Comment

How to control who sees

You can specify who will receive your messages that pertain to a particular PO.

If you want to send messages to only certain parties on Anvyl, check the recipients that should receive the message with the visibility icon.

  1. Open a purchase order’s details page.
  2. Click the Messages tab.
  3. Draft your message.
  4. Click the visibility icon under the message field to expand the list of parties.
  5. Select or clear the checkbox next to a party’s name.
  6. Post your comment.
  7. Tagging a participant with the "@" will notify as a direct message.

After you send your message, the eye icon appears above the message. When you hover over it, you’ll see which parties specifically can see your message.

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