Collaborate with uploaded files

Anytime a file is uploaded from your team or from your supplier contact, you have the ability to comment on the file directly and begin a conversation solely related to that file.

To respond to the file you can do so in two ways:

  1. Message through your email
  2. Through the files or messages section on the order detail page

Through Email

When you receive a file notification it can come via one of these subject lines:

  1. PO#: New file activity for date 
    • In most cases the first email you receive
    • Open the email and you will see the file details and the category classification
    • To download and/or view the file, click GO TO ORDER from the email or on the file
    • This will take you to the Files tab where you can Add comment
    • You can also reply to the message by hitting reply all to the email and the comment will be posted on the file
  2. PO#: New reply by a commenter about a file
    • If you receive this email that means there is a message regarding a file that was uploaded.
    • Open the email, read the message, and respond
      • You can respond by clicking ADD A COMMENT which takes you to the order details page to respond
      • You can reply all as seen in the image below and your comment will be posted directly



Messaging on files on Anvyl

After uploading a file, you have the ability to Add comment once it's posted. These messages get stored in both the Files and Messages tab. You can reply to this message directly. All responses will show up in both the Global inbox as well as an email notification. 

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