Use Gmail to manage messaging

If you use Gmail and have not set up your Gmail instance, follow the instructions here to do so. This is free to use. The message that is generated from the order details page of the PO # in Anvyl can be composed to look just like a real email.

How to compose an email:

  1. When you navigate to the order details page, click on the Messages tab
  2. The default to compose a new message is be sent through comments. to switch to email, click  Switch to email.
  3. The window below will appear which will allow you to add the following:
    • To and CC email addresses
      • These don't have to be collaborators on the purchase order
    • Subject line
    • Message
  4. Click SEND EMAILScreen_Shot_2023-04-17_at_5.31.39_PM.png
  5. This email will be stored in your sent folder and the recipients would receive an email that looks as if it was composed.
  6. It's important that when respondents do respond that they "reply to all". There's a unique identifier that will link the email thread back to the Messages tab.
  7. If the email doesn't get linked back, you can forward the thread to and it will be stored in the Messages tab of the originating PO #. 
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