Leverage the File base view

The files view comes with a baseline view called Files uploaded. In this view, you will see all the files uploaded, caption, file category, file subcategory, and upload date. All purchase orders issued will have a corresponding purchase order file posted. When you hover over the row you have the ability to do the following:

  1. Open file details
    • File related to an order
      • A preview image will appear
      • Action to:
        • Download
        • Revise
        • Print
        • Delete
          • Unless it is a purchase order file. Those cannot be deleted and those files are created automatically each time an order is issued or revised
      • File related to a part or supplier
        • Take you to the part or suppliers detail page where you can then action
  2. Post new comment
    • The file activity will appear underneath the preview document where you can begin a new file discussion
    • Try using @ to add links to orders, parts, and collaborators
      Note: You can also post a new comment from the open file details by scrolling down

There is the option to create a new file view or can edit against the existing view if you wish to add more columns and filters not already being utilized. 

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