Anvyl has an open marketplace in which we allow brands to issue RFQs. Our goal through the RFQ process is to partner you will world-class suppliers. Upon issuance of an RFQ, the general turnaround time is 48 business hours during which you may receive a quotation, feedback, or any questions pertaining to the issued RFQ. We want to ensure you have a great experience with these suppliers and will share and make introductions to the supplier contacts as soon as possible. Ultimately these are your suppliers, are responsible for the relationship, and should be treated as you would when onboarding any new supplier to your organization.  

To issue an RFQ:

  1. Open Anvyl
  2. Click on the Global Actions blue "+"
  3. Click Issue RFQ
  4. Fill out the form
    • The form is a catch-all across all industries. There may be items that aren't relevant but we ask you to follow the form as best as possible. In the last text field asking "Is there anything else you'd like Anvyl or our suppliers to know about this project" you can summarize the RFQ.
  5. Click SEND TO ANVYL

RFQ form

Question Response Examples
What is the nature of your sourcing project?

Drop-down menu of selections:

  • Batch & Fill
  • Cut & Sew
  • Primary Packaging 
  • Secondary Packaging
  • I'm not quite sure yet
  • Other

This is a required field.

What is/are the name of your part(s)? 

Open-ended text field, you can enter a descriptive name like "2 oz Heavy Wall PET Jar" or can be a part name or number.

This is a required field.

Please select the materials that you're looking for

Drop-down menu of selections:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Bags / Pouches
  • Blister Packs
  • Collateral
  • Corrugated Cartons
  • Folded Cartons
  • Glass Container
  • Metal Container
  • Plastic Container
  • Tape / Stickers
  • I'm not quite sure yet
  • Other

This is a required field.

What are the dimensions of the part or parts you're trying to have made?

Enter the measurement, it can be a weight and/or dimension in this open-ended text field.

This is a required field.

What is the quantity you're looking to have produced for the first run?

Estimate the expected initial purchase order amount There are order minimums and the supplier who quotes this will provide that and possible ranges.

This is a required field.

What is your year one expected volume?

Provides a forecast to the suppliers that are quoting.

This is not a required field.

What is your target price per piece?

Detail your cost of goods (COGS) as this provides suppliers with an idea of what expectations are. 

This is not a required field.

Are you open to stock products or would you prefer custom?
  • I prefer stock
  • I'm looking for a custom solution
  • I'm open to exploring both options

Dependent on the industry and what you are trying to accomplish with packaging or formulation.

This is a required field.

By what date do you need these parts completed?

Enter a date. Showcases any sense of urgency and timeline.

This is a required field.

Please attach any design or spec file associated with your project

Attach a file, drawing, sketch, CAD drawing, formula list,  mood board. Anything that can give the supplier an idea of what to quote against.

This is a required field.

Is there anything else you'd like Anvyl or our suppliers to know about this project? Open-ended text field to capture any information that is not being captured by the above questions. Disclose anything else you want and/or summarize what you are looking for.


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