Can I track shipment URLs?

If your shipment's container number or MAWB is not rendering or is being shipped via a carrier service, Anvyl can support in storing the shipment information and initiate tracking.

If the shipment is being conducted via DHL, FedEx or UPS, you can utilize the messages feature to store the shipment data. For more insights on how to utilize message shipments, reference this article

To store tracking URLs follow these steps:

When you log in, either use global search to locate the purchase order number or use a view from the Orders base

  • If locating from the Orders base, either hover over the order and click Open order details or click into a PO number cell
  • Under Logistics Tracking on the right side, click "Add Shipment"
  • Select the Shipment Type
    • Lookup a shipment to track its journey
    • Store your own tracking information
  • Click Store your own tracking information
  • Enter tracking type
  • There are two options for entering the tracking details
    • Tracking URL
    • Other Identifier
  • Enter the tracking URL
  • Click SAVE


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