Establish, edit, and delete custom fields

Custom fields are additional data attributes that a customer can easily and quickly add to augment their Parts, Part-Supplier Links, Orders, and Line Items entities, with the data that is relevant to them/their teams. Only brand users can create, edit, and delete existing custom fields.
To locate your custom field library:
  1. Log-in to Anvyl
  2. Click on the top right Avatar > Team Settings or Company Settings.
  3. If prompted click the Team Name.
  4. Click on the Custom Fields tab
With custom fields, you can perform the following steps:

Establish a custom field

  1. Click ADD CUSTOM FIELD and follow these steps
    • Name your field
    • Identify the field type
      • Currency
        • Input the Currency type
      • Date
      • Long text
      • Number
      • Short text
    • Applies to
      • Parts
      • Parts-suppliers link
      • Order
      • Line items
    • Description
      • Add optional field text
    • Select if you wish to showcase this on each PO or as a default value
      • Custom part-supplier fields do not appear on the PO PDF
      • If selected to appear on the PO PDF, this will be seen in the description of a newly generated PO
        • The name of the custom field will be searchable through the Parts and Orders views
  2. Click ADD FIELD to save

Edit an existing custom field

  1. Locate the field by either searching for it in the custom fields tab search bar, using the dropdown menu for the type of field, or scrolling through the Custom Fields tab page
  2. Custom fields will appear in order based on when they were created
  3. Click the overflow menu "..."
  4. Select Edit
    • The following attributes are editable:
      • Name
      • Field Description
      • Show on PO PDF toggle
      • Default Values
    • You cannot change the entity of a custom field once the field has been created
    • You cannot change the field type of a field once it's been created
  5. After making your changes click SAVE EDITS

Delete a custom field

  1. Select the overflow menu "..." of the field you wish to delete
  2. Select Delete
  3. Deleting a field will remove every active and inactive instance of the field in all locations. Once performed the action cannot be undone.
  4. Type "delete custom field" to confirm
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