Custom fields allow you to tailor your workflow to any order, part, supplier, or line item. These are additional data attributes that a customer can easily and quickly add to augment their Part, Order, or Supplier entities, with the data that is relevant to them/their teams.
To add custom fields, follow the following steps:
  1. Click on the top right Avatar > Team Settings or Company Settings.
  2. If prompted click the Team Name.
  3. Click on the Custom Fields tab
  4. Click Add Custom Field and follow these steps
    • Name your field
    • Identify the field type
      • Currency
        • Input the Currency type
      • Date
      • Long text
      • Number
      • Short text
    • Applies to
      • Parts
      • Part-suppliers link
      • Order
      • Line items
    • Description
      • Add optional field text
    • Select if you wish to showcase this on each PO or as a default value
      • Custom part-supplier fields do not appear on the PO PDF



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