Creating a workflow is an important step as it dictates what are the key stages of progression during the course of a Purchase Order and who is responsible for each key stage. An effective workflow provides helpful reminders for all users to ensure that each Purchase Order progresses seamlessly. 


How to create a new workflow

To create a new workflow:

  1. Open Anvyl
  2. Click the Workflows button on the left side rail
  3. Click Add Workflow
  4. Select if you would like to use a preloaded template or create a workflow from scratch. 
  5. Click Next

These are the steps for using the "Create a workflow from scratch" option:

  1. Start by naming your workflow and providing an optional description to remind yourself what this workflow is used for.
  2. The only milestone that is required and not able to be renamed is the PO Acceptance Milestone. In Anvyl Classic, PO Acceptance is the first and foremost milestone, but when you create a workflow from scratch, you can place the PO Acceptance Milestone anywhere you would like - even last.
  3. For each milestone created, Anvyl needs to know who should be notified (and who is responsible) for the milestone. You can select multiple user types, but at least one user type is required. 
    • For Your Team and Third Party Collaborator users, you can select all users or a group of users.
  4. Next, you will assign a Key Date. A Key Date is the date field that will be assigned and linked to this particular milestone. 
    • Anvyl has already preloaded a handful of Key Dates that will be important for reporting on lead times and performance. You can use an applicable preloaded Key Date or create your own by using the Add New Date button. 
  5. Optionally, you can create a custom message that will be sent with the email notification associated with this milestone. This space is useful for important reminders or for sharing additional information with the owner of the milestone. 
  6. Lastly, you can define when Anvyl should send a follow-up reminder for this milestone if there is no response in a defined amount of days. 
    • Ex: if the expectation is this milestone should be completed within 2 days of notification, then the follow-up reminder should be set to 2 days.

Using the left side rail of the builder, you can rearrange, add, and delete milestones as many times as you would like.


When you are ready to publish, click Next, review the workflow, and Save.











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