Milestones in a workflow are sequential key dates that mark significant progress through the course of a purchase order. The workflow acts as a linear timeline with each milestone date being updated and confirmed as the purchase order progresses. 


You are able to edit and change any date of any milestone at any time. To change or input a date of one of your milestones click on the milestone box or the corresponding date below.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 7.27.25 PM.png

You will be prompted to input whether or not the next uncompleted milestone has been completed or not. If you answer Yes, you will need to input a date for that milestone that is either today or in the past. After entering a date, you can continue to edit the dates of any of the other milestones in the workflow. 

Note: Milestones dates must be in sequential order so Milestone 4 must have a date later than Milestone 2.

If you answer No, you are free to enter dates for any milestones of the workflow. 

Note: You are not required to enter dates for each milestone upon order creation or even on an active purchase order. If a date is not provided for a milestone, when the previous milestone is marked as complete, a notification will be sent to the predetermined users of the milestone when the previous milestone is marked as complete. 


Milestone 2 has no set date. 

When Milestone 1 is marked as complete, the owners of Milestone 2 will immediately receive a notification asking about the status of Milestone 2. 















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