While milestones represent a significant key date of progress for a project, tasks are the smaller actions that must be completed to ensure the milestone is completed on time. 


By associating tasks with their related milestones, you can more granularly track whether or not your project is on time and what needs to be completed to move the project forward.


Every milestone you create in your workflow can have as many related tasks as you would like.

Note: You cannot create automated tasks for the PO Acceptance Milestone.


To setup automated task creation, follow these steps:

  1. In a workflow builder, click Add Milestone.
  2. Follow all required steps to set up the milestone such as NameMilestone Owner/NotificationsMilestone Key DateCustom Message, and Follow Up Reminder.
  3. At the bottom of your milestone, click Add Task.
  4. Start by giving your task a title. The Task Title should state what action needs to be completed for the task.
  5. Optionally, designate an Assignee for the task. The Assignee is who should be responsible for completing the task and will be notified when the task is almost due.
    • Task Assignee can be all members of your team, all supplier contacts assigned to an order, a single person on your team (including yourself), or a single third-party collaborator.
  6. Set when the task is due in relation to the milestone.                                                                             Note: Tasks cannot be due after the milestone. You will only be able to set a due date that is before the milestone the task is related to.
  7. Make the task required by using the toggle. This will give that task the power to block milestone progression if the task is not yet marked as complete by the time the associated milestone comes due.
    Note: In order for the milestone prompt to go out for that milestone or for that milestone to be marked as complete, the required task must be completed first.
  8. You can create as many tasks as you would like for each of your milestones.                                     Pro Tip: You can use tasks as a checklist! Have a group of documents that need to be signed off on? Make a task for each document to ensure you have everything you need to proceed.





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