Guide 4 - Issuing a purchase order

Congratulations! You’ve configured your company settings, added your parts and supplier data, created your workflows and you’re ready to issue your first purchase order in Anvyl. If you haven’t completed those steps yet, check out Guide 1 - Setting up your AccountGuide 2 - Getting your data into Anvyl, and Guide 3 - Building Workflows

This is the fourth guide in a series of four, designed to help you issue a purchase order through Anvyl which allows you to track order timelines, centralize order activity, log communication, and store key documentation. By leveraging your saved part and supplier information, we make creating a purchase order easy. Watch the video below and access the guide for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1 → Add an Order

To get started, you can click on the Global Actions button on the top right of the Anvyl page and select “Add order” 

Pro-tip: Watch a video walkthrough at Create and issue a purchase order


Select either the “Individual” or “Assembly + Components” option and you’ll be brought to the order creation page. 

Step 2 → Create a Purchase Order

From here, begin to enter your purchase order details including 

  • selecting the Supplier from the drop down
  • entering order details like quantity and target ship date

If you’ve set up Part-Supplier links in the previous steps, Anvyl will also automatically populate purchase order data including unit prices, ship-to locations, incoterms, payment terms and more

Make sure you select the workflow you would like to use for this purchase order. 

Pro-tip: Save time and enter the target or requested dates for each milestone at this step.

Now you can preview your purchase order and add a custom message to be included in the email to your supplier. From here you have the option to select “Save as Draft” to save the PO for future editing or “Issue PO”

Step 3 → Issue the Purchase Order

Select “Issue PO” and a PDF version of the PO will be sent via email as a PDF to your supplier for their review and acceptance. 

Once you have issued your PO, you’ll be landed on the Order Detail Page where you can see and edit all purchase order details, add files, add messages, and keep track of the status of the order throughout production in collaboration with your supplier.

The milestones and tasks will automatically track the progress of your POs while you can focus on other items within the PO like communicating with your teammates and suppliers under the messages tab, uploading and downloading documents under the files tab or splitting the order into multiple shipments by pressing the “Split Shipment” button on the top right of the PO page. 

You can also invite your third-party collaborators like your freight forwarder or 3PL team to interact with you on the PO by selecting the “share with collaborators” button on the right side of the page.


Congratulations! You have issued your first order on Anvyl!


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