Now that you’ve configured your settings, and added your parts and supplier data into Anvyl - you’re ready to create your workflows. If you haven’t done that yet, check out Guide 1 - Setting up your Account and Guide 2 - Getting your data into Anvyl. This is the third guide in a series of four, designed to help you understand and build your workflows. 

So what are workflows within Anvyl? Workflows allow you to create custom configurations for tracking milestones that are relevant to your business throughout the entire production lifecycle. Workflows consist of a series of milestones that each represent a significant stage or progression of the project. Within each milestone, you can build out a list of tasks required, with the ability to set specific tasks as hard blockers to ensure the correct order of operations happens to complete a given milestone. Watch the video below and access the guide for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1 → Add a workflow 

To create a workflow, you can click on the Global Actions button on the top right of the Anvyl page and select “Add workflow”

or you can go to the Left Side Rail and select "Workflows" to navigate to your workflows library and click on the blue "Add Workflow" button in the top right.

Now you have the option to select a workflow from an existing workflow template or to create a workflow from scratch.


To get started, we recommend using the "Anvyl Enhanced Template"

Pro-tip: If you’d like to create a workflow from scratch, you’ll find more detailed information on how to do so at Create a new workflow


The Anvyl Enhanced Template includes the following milestones:

  • PO Acceptance
  • Production Start
  • Production End
  • Cargo Ready
  • Shipment
  • Delivery
  • Received

Step 2 → Customize your workflow 

For each milestone, you will add who should be assigned to the milestone, key dates for reporting, and you can define when follow up reminders should be sent out if projects aren’t moving forward. You’ll also have the ability to create custom messages that will be sent with the email notification to share important information relating to that milestone. 

Pro-tip: Using the left side rail of the builder, you can rearrange, add, and delete milestones as many times as you would like.


You’re almost there! Your account is set up, your parts and supplier data is loaded, your workflow is built out and you’re ready for Guide 4 - Issuing a Purchase Order.


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