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Split Shipment Updates

We rolled out some exciting enhancements to our split shipment functionality. It’s never been easier to ship inventory from a single production run to different warehouses or to expedite the ship timeline for a portion of your order. 

Now you can allocate quantity across split shipments using a CSV file. From the orders detail page you can access split shipments, where you now have the option to download your CSV file, make your changes, and upload your CSV back into Anvyl where you can see each shipment broken out into unique orders to be tracked on Anvyl.

We’ve also rounded up a few of our favorite updates we’ve released to improve and streamline the user experience.

  • Lots of updates to the “Quantity Shipped” table in the right rail - these encompass requests from customers with the goal of improving the supplier experience.
    • The siderail is now 2x as wide as it was, allowing for more data in the table to be seen at a glance
    • The column now has resizable column widths
    • You can click on any part name in the first column to view the part name in its entirety
    • Newly added the “Part number” column to the right of the “Part name” column
    • You can use keyboard navigation / shortcuts to go down a single column and edit part quantities one after another
  • Added the ability to clone workflows
  • PO numbers are now way more visible at the top of the Order Details page and users can copy the PO number with a single click
  • We now expose which milestones are included in each predefined Workflow template, so you can quickly view how many (and which) milestones are included 
  • Added a “Download” CTA to each file record on “Files” tab of order details page
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