Whether your brand is a startup, a large multinational, or somewhere in between - Anvyl provides the tools to help your supply chain run more efficiently and effectively. 

Here’s a round up of a few of our most impactful features designed to increase visibility, and collaboration, and drive your business.

Intelligently Manage Purchase Orders

With Anvyl you’ll have the ability to build custom workflows to track the progress of your major supply chain milestones. With custom workflows, you have the flexibility to build, manage and oversee projects and supply chain operations your way. With a completely customizable interface you can design and optimize each project – from milestones to actions – for your unique business. 

Anvyl streamlines how teams collaborate so that you always know the status of your POs along with all the relevant documentation in one central location.

Automated features like auto-check-ins, auto-escalations and auto-reminders allow you to supercharge your efficiency by reducing manual, repeated work and prevent human error. You can also use the task automation engine to set up recurring tasks as production progresses.

Collaborate and Communicate Across Teams

You can also centralize and streamline communication across your supply chain. Stay informed of every supplier response and order update in one place. With centralized communication, files, and custom report views, you get the information you need, and suppliers are set up for success. Suppliers can access the supplier portal or provide updates directly via email through auto-generated magic links from Anvyl.

Empower your Finance, Planning, Product Development, Logistics teams, and others with dynamic reports that give them a snapshot of key supply chain data important to their job. Dynamic views comes with a base set of reports to get you started and you have the ability to create, manage, and share customized reports tailored to the specific needs of your team.

Strengthen Supplier Relationships

supplier performance

Anvyl helps you build relationships with supplier scorecards which provides you with a clear view of supplier performance over time. Providing key performance indicators such as responsiveness and on-time delivery rates highlighting where suppliers are excelling and areas for improvement.

You can also streamline communication and set supplier expectations by automating milestones to track progress, identify issues, and send email check-ins before, during, and after production has occurred.

Know where your goods are at all times

Logistics visibility keeps everyone aligned and lets you anticipate issues to save time and money if changes are needed. With Anvyl you can track your shipments, manage split shipments when you need to switch modes of transportation, and adjust for delays with early indicators for when goods-in-transit will be delayed. 

Anvyl can keep everyone aligned to take action when goods are arriving to help ensure you have warehouse space when goods are expected to arrive. Anvyl can also help you save time matching POs and invoices so that you never overpay for an invoice by providing alerts to discrepancies between orders and invoices.

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