As part of building out more robust controls for our Tasks functionality, we are now introducing the ability to assign Actions for a Task! This feature is available on both manually created Tasks and also auto-generated Tasks from a Workflow.

You can assign the following Actions as part of a Task:

  • Upload a File
  • Update a Field


Upload a File

  • Request that a task assignee upload a file as part of completing this task
  • Assignee can choose from existing files or upload a new file

Update a Field

  • Request that a task assignee update order or line item fields on a order as part of completing this task
  • Important to note: choosing an order or line item field will allow all assignees, including Suppliers and 3rd Party Collaborators, access to editing those fields. This means they will be able to generate a new purchase order once they've completed updating those fields. 

Some notes about Actions

  • Only brand users can assign actions to a Task - suppliers and 3rd party collaborators will not be able to add an action to a task when editing the task.
  • No assignee is required to complete an Action. This means that the assignee can complete a task without performing the action - we will note that under the Activity Feed that the action has been confirmed. This is to prevent forcing assignees from entering junk data / double entry in case they've already updated the information elsewhere in the system. 
  • The same applies for actions on a Required Task - the required action is the completion of the task itself, not the action. 


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