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Introducing Custom Workflows

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Custom Workflows, now available on the Anvyl supply chain visibility platform

Custom workflows redefine traditional supply chain management, allowing supply chain professionals to build, manage, and oversee projects and supply chain operations in the most flexible way possible. 

What Are Custom Workflows in Anvyl? 

Unlike competitive products that limit how much you can tailor your project plans, Anvyl’s Custom Workflows provides a completely customizable interface that allows supply chain professionals to design and optimize each project plan for their unique business situation. 

Custom Workflows let you manage the entire project of bringing goods to market presented as a workflow. This workflow consists of a series of milestones that each represent a significant stage or progression of the project. 

Within each milestone, users can build out a list of tasks required, with the ability to set specific tasks as hard blockers to ensure the correct order of operations happens to complete a given milestone. 

A breakdown of key workflow terms and their meanings in Anvyl

Within those tasks, users can create and assign actions to specific individuals to ensure that key individuals clearly understand what they need to do to complete each milestone.

Custom workflows ultimately give you a competitive advantage with faster and more effective supply chain management built for your business, from planning and executing to finished goods. 

Benefits of Custom Workflows in Anvyl 

Custom workflows let you build your workflows and collaborate using customizable templates. Create your own, or use an existing workflow from your library.

There are three ways to create custom workflows in Anvyl: 

  1. Use the template library
    Use a ready-made template from our template library designed to fit the most common workflows.
  2. Copy a workflow from your library
    Use a previously built workflow as a starting point for new workflows again and again
  3. Build your own
    Start from scratch using our workflow builder and select as many or as few milestones as you’d like to manage your project from start to finish.

Custom workflows give you unprecedented flexibility from ideation to execution so that you can quickly plan, manage and advance every facet of your supply chain across products, teams, and suppliers. 

Manage multiple projects relating to different facets of your supply chain, representing new product development to indirect procurement and everything in between, including:

  • New product development
  • Build a workflow to successfully manage the process for developing new products, from sampling and design specifications to final approval and PO issuance.

  • Quality control processes
  • Monitor your quality control process end-to-end with the ability to quickly see all aspects of quality and testing, including files and test results, in one location.

  • Centralized documentation
  • Save time, set expectations and improve efficiency by ensuring all documents are shared, completed, approved and available for future reference.

  • Advanced shipment tracking
  • Track and share detailed information about the location and status of your product every step of the way, from factory to delivery at your warehouse.

  • Three-way matching
  • Ensure that the quantity of product received matches the quantity sent, and easily reconcile quantities with the purchase order if necessary.

  • Indirect procurement
  • Manage all your spend from direct to indirect procurement for items such as office supplies and other consumables necessary to run your business, in one place.


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