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We polled the team and this month we wanted to highlight a round up of three features specifically designed to help you save time, minimize repetitive tasks, and give you more hours back in your week.


  • Make Bulk Updates to POs - Work faster with the ability to change and update Purchase Orders across a range of editable fields within any base or customized view
    *Pro-tip: Fields that are editable display a pencil when you hover over it.
  • Clone or Repeat an Order - Quickly clone any previous purchase order and kick-start a new production run in seconds, saving yourself the pain of manual data entry and buying back valuable time.

*Pro-tip: When your PO is issued, all supplier contacts with order notifications enabled with be emailed

  • Mark Tasks as Complete in a View - Work through your to do list and show your tasks as complete by hovering over a row to activate available actions.
    *Pro-tip: With row actions you can also update an order, archive a part, send a reminder, post a comment, upload a file, and cancel an order.
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