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With the arrival of Spring comes new enhancements and fixes! We rolled out a series of releases focused on our logistics visibility offering, enhancements to the custom workflows module as well as several updates designed to improve the user experience.


  • More insights into Shipments with Shipment Consolidation

    The supercharged Shipment Consolidation feature was designed to help you maximize logistics efficiency and minimize shipment costs. Now you can use consolidate your shipments and track how your orders or individual line items are grouped and shipped within Anvyl. 

    With our newly enhanced Shipment Consolidation feature you can add multiple orders, or line items across multiple orders, and track them all as one or many tracked shipment requests.

    This will allow you to benefit from the ability to track and report at both the shipment and initial PO level when you:

    • Ship a subset of items from a single PO via different shipments, without needing to issue separate POs for each shipment

    • Combine items from different POs into the same shipment, without needing to issue separate POs for each shipment


  • Assign Actions on Tasks

    As part of building out more robust controls for our Tasks functionality, we are now introducing the ability to assign Actions on Tasks! You can now add Actions to any Task. Actions can include:

    • Update a Field (order or line item fields)
    • Upload File
    • In the Workflow Builder, Actions can be added to automated tasks.
    • Under the Tasks tab on the Order Details page, Actions can be added to manually created/edited tasks.
  • "Quantity Shipped" is now visible as a column on the line items table in the order details page, so you can quickly see how many units were shipped by your supplier and compare it to the original units ordered on your PO

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 2.01.37 PM.png

  • Workflows module is now collapsible so you can create a more focused workspace when managing your order

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 1.56.10 PM (2).png


  • Clearer way to denote cancelled orders from within search results and also within the order details page

More prominent canceled order alert.png

  • When saving an MOQ, if the price is "undefined" (blank, not a numeric value), upon editing a line item with a saved MOQ do NOT clear out price column
  • New "Active Orders (base view)" and updated "Active Orders" count on the dashboard to account for customers using workflows with milestones before PO Acceptance - cleaner way to capture and show "draft orders with active workflows"



API Enhancements:

  • Add "Create associated order item" endpoint to allow users to add a new order item line in a PO



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