The Parts library stores all the insights related to the parts (components) that make up your finished goods or are your finished goods. These can be components in primary and secondary packaging, ingredients, assembled components and/or the finished goods item that you are selling via D2C channels, retail, or through channel partners. The part number is the connective tissue that is linkable to many other service providers such as your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), your e-commerce tools (Shopify), your fulfillment center, and even your forecast/planning software or Excel file.  For more insights into creating parts, check out our dedicated support section for Parts.  

To view your parts library:

Expand the Views section and click on the Parts base collapse icon. You have the ability to view your parts in a set of preset Base views:

  1. Parts (Base)
  2. Assemblies (Base)
  3. Part-Suppliers link (Base)


These Base views are defaults, and you have the ability to create your own views pulling in the information that you find relevant to your parts. 

All of the part names, and part numbers are clickable and expand into a great view to see the part detail which allows you to access order information, suppliers linked, activity, and files.


Note: SKU name and number is another way of defining Part name and number.



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