There are three types of brand users that have access to Anvyl and with each one comes different capabilities.

They are:

  • Team member:
    • Can add team members, suppliers, parts, RFQs, and purchase orders
  • Team administrator:
    • Everything a team member has access to plus can create a default PO numbering convention for all POs created on the team, add other team administrators, and can add integrations for the team he or she is an administrator for
  • Company administrator:
    • Everything a team administrator has access to and can add other company administrators, new teams, or integrations for any team in the company

Note: There is no limit on how many of each you have but each new brand user added to Anvyl is subject to a cost. Please check with your Customer Success Manager on if and what that pro-rated yearly fee is.

Other user types on Anvyl

  • Supplier:
    • Can only access the purchase orders that are issued to them
  • Collaborator:
    • Can only access the purchase orders they are invited to

Note: A purchase order includes files, messages, tasks, and all purchase order information. There is no limit on the amount of supplier or collaborator contacts you can have on Anvyl. 

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