There are two ways of uploading your supplier directory into Anvyl. One through the API, which is an integration you have subscribed to, or through the Global Actions button.

  1. Select the Add Supplier dropdown menu.
  2. Click Individually
    1. Adds a single supplier at a time 
    2. Each step will have its own window to fill out:
      • Supplier Name
      • Main Address
      • Supplier Documents
        • Contracts
        • Agreements
        • Files
      • Payment, Incoterm or Supplier notes
      • Contacts
        • Note: There is no charge for adding supplier contacts
      • Factory
  3. If you already have a CSV file with the information, you can click Bulk Upload Suppliers from CSV to upload the file.
  4. If you do not already have a CSV file with the information, click CSV for bulk-adding suppliers 
    • Select the CSV file that has your suppliers to upload or copy and paste all of your suppliers in the table provided.
    • Indicate whether the first row contains column names.
    • Indicate the appropriate columns in your CSV file that map to fields in Anvyl. (The platform will auto-suggest column mappings when possible.)
      Note: You can choose to ignore certain columns in your CSV file that you don’t want or need to be imported.
    • After you confirm the column mappings, see a preview of the import. If there are any issues with the data you’re attempting to upload, we’ll highlight them here. You can make any modifications you need to your data in-line at this step. 
    • Click confirm to proceed with processing the import and Anvyl will notify you when the import is complete.

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