How do I submit a quotation against an RFQ?

To use this feature, you must have previously received an RFQ and be a part of the sourcing program. 

To submit a quote:

  1. Log into Anvyl with your user credentials, if you are not already logged in.
  2. Click on the avatar with your initials
  3. Select RFQs
  4. Locate the RFQ you wish to submit a quotation against
  6. Fill out the form that appears:
    • There are 9 field boxes but only two of those are required 
    • What is the estimated price per piece?
    • What is the estimated lead time for production for this project?
  7. Submitting a PDF and a formal quotation is always preferred as it makes the process of introducing you to the brand easier
    • Submit in question field 8
  8. When completed, click SEND TO ANVYL

Anvyl will share the quotation with the customer and make an introduction as soon as possible. 


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