Create a robust parts library

The Parts Library can help you keep an up-to-date record of part information in one place. Within a part you can add it to a bill of materials, save the latest design files, and/or categorize parts using tags, with an extra level of organization. To add a part, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into Anvyl
  2. Click the Global Action button
  3. Select Add part 
  4. Click Individually
    • Adds a single part at a time 
    • Required Fields
      • Part Name
      • Part Number is strongly encouraged to be created by your team. This could be the final SKU # that you sell or an ingredient part number. If you don't have one, Anvyl will auto-create one.
      • Option to include a description, design file, identifiers, custom fields, and tags.
    • If want to create this into an Assembly item, click NEXT
  5. Click SAVE & EXIT
  6. Once created, you can link to the Supplier name, update pricing, and leadtimes.
  7.  If you already have a CSV file with the information in the template, click Bulk Upload Parts from CSV to upload the file.
  8. Open the CSV file that you downloaded, and format your parts in the CSV template
    • Have the option of adding Supplier Name, Supplier Part Number, Supplier Notes, Part Cost, Lead Times and MOQ
  9. Ensure that the Supplier Name column is filled out exactly as it appears in your library

Note: Depending on how your supply chain is structured, you may wish to create a more detailed bill of materials by creating an assembly of parts

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