Establish access levels for suppliers

There are three access levels for supplier contacts that you can choose from.

Access Level Permissions
Orders, Notifications The contact will have access to all orders and will receive any email notifications associated with them.
Orders The contact will have access to all orders but will not receive any email notifications about them.
No Access

The contact will not have access to your orders. Add a phone number for the contact. (optional)

You can select the access level you wish each supplier contact to have, which is particularly useful if you'd like to turn off supplier notifications for certain contacts. The default for any new supplier contact will be for Orders, Notifications. This is editable when individually uploading the supplier contacts through the Add supplier workflow. For bulk uploads, they will be enrolled in the Orders, Notifications level. This ensures that your contacts will receive all updates on the purchase order. from milestones to file uploads to messages sent. 

To learn more on how to edit the access levels for your supplier contacts, click here.

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