Automate task notifications

For repetitive workflows, you may find that you are repeatedly creating the same tasks for specific team members. With Anvyl Automations, you can automate the creation of those tasks. 

Anvyl Automations uses if-then logic so you can set-up rules that will fire a Task every time a certain condition occurs.

  1. Click on the Global actions icon (blue "+" sign) and click Add Automation
  2. Or you can go to the Automations view on the left-hand side
    • This view will showcase all the automation statuses:
      • Active
      • Pause
      • To add, click ADD AUTOMATION
    • This automation auto-assigns tasks to your colleagues, supplier contacts, and collaborators based on a customizable rule.
    • Example: Request your supplier to upload the final packing list when an order is marked as shipped.
  4. Select the event you wish to run the automation against:
    • When an order is drafted
    • When an order is issued
    • When a file is uploaded on an order
  5. Optionally specify what other conditions that event has to meet in order for the task to be created. These are if-then conditional statements.
    • Supplier restrictions
      • Include only
      • Exclude only
      • Select a from a list of suppliers
    • Click Next
    • Enter the task details.
      • Task title
      • Assign to (optional)
        • Team member
        • Supplier contact if denoting the restrictions on supplier
        • Description
    • Click Next
    • Name your automation
    • Click Save
      Note: If you'd like this Task Automation to be created when a shipment is marked as shipped, have it run When an order is issued and link it to the Shipment Milestone.


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