All purchase orders need a final destination. Those end-points can vary depending on where the next step in the supply chain is. Common destinations can be a warehouse, a contract manufacturer, a co-packer, or a fulfillment center.

This article explains how:

How to create a Ship-to Location

To set-up your ship-to locations when logged in:

  1. Click on the top right Avatar > Team Settings or Company Settings.
  2. If prompted click the Team Name.
  3. Click on the Ship-To Locations tab.
  4. Click Add New Location and follow the steps in the address fields.
  5. Name your Ship-To Address Location
    • This will be the identifiable name when drafting and issuing purchase orders.
  6. To establish a default Ship-To Location
    • Click on the overflow menu and select Set as default

How to edit or delete a Ship-to Location

  1. Click the overflow menu
  2. Select Edit
    • Update shortcut name, company address, and ship-to contact information
  3. Select Delete
    • If you delete it, the saved Ship-to Location will no longer appear as a dropdown option on future purchase orders
  4. Selecting save will store that location for future use when drafting and issuing purchase orders.


Note: Ship-to Locations are managed at the team level. If you belong to multiple teams on Anvyl and have the same ship-to locations, the ship-to locations are managed independently of one another.



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