How do I view my historical purchase orders?

Anvyl keeps all of your purchase orders in the system.

To view your historical purchase orders, follow the steps below as it depends on where you originating from:

  1. Creating a historical purchase order view
  2. Already created custom view

Creating a historical purchase order view

  1. Click the Global Action button (blue "+")
  2. Click Create View
  3. Click Orders
  4. Name your view
  5. Select and arrange any columns you wish to present
    • Best to include:
      • PO Number
      • Total Quantity
      • Total Part Cost
      • PO Issued Date
      • Confirmed Ship Date / Confirmed Delivery Date
      • Supplier Name
      • PO Status
  6. After selecting your data set a table will appear
  7. Use filters to filter against the following if applicable:
    • PO Status is any of "Shipped" or "Delivered" 
    • Supplier name
    • Can look at PO Issued Date or Confirmed Ship Date if want a greater filter on time
  8. Click SAVE
  9. This new view will show underneath your Orders view
  10. If you favorite this view by clicking the star it will appear under the Favorite view
    Note: Learn more on how to create views 

Existing custom view

If you have a view created already, navigate to either your Favorites or Orders base to locate this view.  

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