Add an assembly of parts or create a bill of materials

The Parts Library can help you keep an up-to-date record of part information in one place. Within a part you can add it to a bill of materials, save the latest design files, and/or categorize parts using tags, with an extra level of organization.

To add an assembly of parts or create a bill of materials, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into Anvyl
  2. Click the Global Action button
    • Select Add part 
      • Click Individually
        • Name your assembled item
          • Starter Kit
          • Comprised of other finished goods
        • Finished Product
          • Shampoo
            • Components it includes:
            • Bottle
            • Cap
            • Folding Carton
  3. Click NEXT
  4. To add a component, click New if the component part is not already in Anvyl.
    (Alternatively: If the component is already in Anvyl, click From Library and search for the component part you wish to add)
  5. Enter the count per assembly of that component part.
  6. Add a part number, any design files or specifications, and custom tags you’d like to associate with the component part (optional). If no part number is entered, Anvyl will provide one.
  7. Continue the process of adding new component parts in this manner until you’ve built out your assembly.
  8. Click Save and you’ll be landed on the newly created Part Detail Page for that assembly part.
  9. Accessible to view in the Assemblies base under the Parts view

Below is an example of an assembly part with a ratio of sub-component parts.




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