View supplier performance metrics

The dashboard provides a summary view of your supplier's on-time performance but there are additional metrics that are important in assessing their performance.

Anvyl analyzes the following metrics and allows you to view these from either the last 10 orders per supplier or the composite amount:

  1. On-Time Ship Rate / On-Time Performance
    • Of all orders to date from this supplier, the percent confirmed ready by the shipment date on the initial accepted purchase order
  2. Milestone Timeout Rate
    • Among all order status updates requested, the percent which are unconfirmed (48+ hours after update request)
  3. Supplier Action Rate / Engagement Rate
    • Of the status updates made to all orders to date, the percent updated by the supplier (not by your team)
  4. Average Hours to Respond to Milestone Update
    • Of all orders to date from this supplier, the mean number of hours it takes to answer a request to update an order status

To see these metrics, click on the Suppliers dropdown and then into the Suppliers base View. The table contains Supplier Name, which can be clicked into for further analysis of the On-Time Performance and Engagement Rate but also presented in view for a quick analysis that can also be exported.




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