How much time should I allocate to bring a new product to market?

This often depends on the project. Each product is different in terms of how long it can take to go market and what requirements are needed.

Typically for an injection molded part that doesn’t require customization we see a turnaround time of 30 to 50 days. If there is customization and the team is just beginning the ideation process, we recommend 3 to 4 months through Anvyl suppliers. 

Building out a new product line is a multi-departmental collaboration that requires close coordination between both internal and external partners. Anvyl’s software allows for collaboration, file storage, bill of material management, and minimizes the pitfalls and challenges that may arise during a product launch. Anvyl has a built-out team of professionals that have successfully launched new products ranging from consumer packaged goods, electronics, personal care, supplements, and wellness products.

Don't take for granted how long color matching can take. Different substrates react to colors differently and may require multiple drill-downs to get it correct.

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