Access and restrictions for third-party collaborators

Third-Party collaborators must be invited to each purchase order, and will only have access to the purchase order information that he or she has been invited to collaborate on. Learn more about how to invite third-party collaborators to purchase orders here

If you’d like the user to be restricted from seeing financial information, all sensitive financial information will be hidden which includes the columns in the purchase order detail view and the following file types will automatically be obscured from view and download:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
  • Payment Confirmations
  • Finance - Other
  • Misc - Other

If you’d like to only restrict certain file types, you can select which file categories the user should not have access to in the dropdown menu.


When to invite a third-party collaborator

  • Invite a freight forwarding collaborator to a specific order that you need to collaborate on for a shipment.
  • Invite a finance representative to a specific order that has details about a PO change for invoice reconciliation.
  • Invite your quality control team to review any outbound first article inspection (FAI) reports.
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