Create and issue a purchase order

Issuing a purchase order is a necessity as it confirms the buyer's intent with a supplier on a designated quantity, price, and item. Once a purchase order is issued, Anvyl allows you to track order timelines, centralize order activity, log communication, and store key documentation. By leveraging your saved Part and Supplier information, we make creating a purchase order easy.

How to issue a purchase order

If you want to create a purchase order from an existing order, check out Clone an order for more.

To create a new order:

    1. Open Anvyl
    2. Click Global Actions button
    3. Click Add order
    4. If ordering one or many parts from a single supplier, click Individual. If ordering the parts that make up an assembly, click on Assembly + Components and if you wanted to be prompted to a single view click Skip to PO Form

These are the steps for using the Individual option:

    1. Select the Supplier from the drop-down. You can scroll or search by supplier name. Click Next to continue.
    2. Enter the order details like target ship date, delivery date, quantity, and unit price. If you’ve set up Part-Supplier Links for what you’re ordering, the price will automatically populate based on the quantity you enter. Click Next to continue
    3. Select a milestone configuration. If the milestone configuration you want is not appearing as an option for you, add the desired milestone configuration using these instructions here.
      Note: Once you save or issue the PO, you will not be able to change this configuration.
    4. Add a PO number, supplier address, ship-to address, shipping method, payment terms, incoterms, custom fields, and notes to your purchase order. If no PO number is entered, Anvyl will assign a PO number which can be changed in draft mode before sending. At this step, you can also add other items to keep track of non-part-related expenses associated with the order (e.g. Tooling). All of this information is optional. You can always add it later if need be. Click Next to continue.
      Note: Payment Terms can not be edited after the supplier accepts the PO unless the accepted PO does not contain Payment Terms yet.
      Pro Tip: If you have an address or addresses stored for that Supplier, you can click Fill with Saved Address to select and auto-fill the desired address. Additionally, once you enter a ship-to address, we’ll remember it moving forward. Next time, just start typing the address in Company Line 1, select the saved address, and we’ll finish the rest.
    5. Preview your purchase order and add a custom message to be included in the email to your supplier. Click Issue PO when you’re ready to have it sent to your supplier.
      Note: If you are not ready to issue the order, click Save as Draft to save the PO for future editing. Alternatively, if you see something incorrect on the preview, click the Previous button to go back and edit.
    6. Once you save or issue your PO, you’ll be landed on the Order Detail Page where you can see and edit all purchase order details, add files, add messages, and keep track of the status of the order throughout production in collaboration with your supplier.
      Note: When you issue your PO, all supplier contacts with access levels set to Orders, Notifications will receive an email and alert when logged in. Those with Orders access will not be notified, but will still be able to access the order when they log into Anvyl. 

Watch the video below to see this in action.

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