Clone or repeat an existing order

Let’s kick your ordering into turbo drive. On Anvyl you can quickly clone any previous purchase order and kick-start a new production run in seconds, saving yourself the pain of manual data entry and buying back valuable time.

To create a clone order:

  1. Use the global search function at the top of the web page to search for the purchase order number or navigate to your Orders base and filter against the purchase order.  
  2. Click into the order.
  3. Under Order Actions, click Clone Order
  4. Enter the new target ship date for this order.
  5. Review and edit any of the other order details as needed. Please review the Other items and the PO Note fields as those will be duplicated with the cloned order.
  6. Select Issue PO when you’re ready to have it sent to your supplier or click Save as Draft to save the PO for future editing.

Once you save or issue your PO, you’ll be landed on the Order Detail Page where you can see and edit all purchase order details, add files, add messages, and keep track of the status of the order throughout production in collaboration with your supplier.

Note: When you issue your PO, all supplier contacts with access set to Orders, Notifications will be notified about it. Those with Orders access will not be notified, but will still be able to access the order when they log into Anvyl.

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