When you need to ship inventory from a single production run to different warehouses or DC locations or expedite the ship timeline for some of the order quantity so that it gets to you sooner, using Anvyl's Split Shipments can help you stay organized and quickly communicate changes to how you want orders distributed. To arrange for a split shipment, perform the following steps.

  1. From the Order Details Page, click the Split Shipment option on the top right.Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 1.00.06 PM.png
  2. Enter the distributed quantity for each part across shipments as you wish.
    • Note: If you'd prefer to redistribute part quantity using a CSV file, you can click Download Split Shipment CSV. This will populate a CSV file with the current quantity allocations across shipments for that order. You can make quantity changes to existing and new shipments directly in the CSV and re-upload them for review in Anvyl by clicking Upload Split Shipment CSV.  Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 12.55.13 PM.png
  3. If you need to add another shipment, click Add Another Shipment.
    • Note: Be sure you distribute the total quantity for each part on the order in full unless you care to increase or decrease the quantity. The yellow alert icon will give you an indication when the original part quantity does not match what you’ve distributed across your shipments. 
  4. Input the desired target ship date for each shipment.
  5. Scroll down and input the desired ship-to location for each shipment. You can also create a new ship-to-location without leaving this page.
  6. You can also optionally Identify a unique PO number for the shipments and ship method information. Click Next when you’re ready to continue. 
  7. You can optionally name the collection of orders that will result from split shipments to help you and your team better identify this group of orders. Click Next to continue.
  8. Review the PO summary document for accuracy. To view additional pages toggle the arrow on the side of the PO preview. You can also add a custom message to be included in the email to your supplier if you’d like. 
  9. Select Issue All when you’re ready to have this information sent to your supplier. 
  10. Once you issue your split shipment, you’ll be landed on the Split Shipment Collection Page where you can see each shipment broken out into unique orders to be tracked on Anvyl. You can click into an individual order to navigate to the Order Detail Page where you can add files, add messages, and keep track of the status of that individual order throughout production in collaboration with your supplier. 

Note: When you create a split shipment, all supplier contacts with access set to Orders, Notifications will be notified by default. However, you can choose to disable the email notification for this change by turning off the Notify Collaborators toggle on the final review page before issuing purchase orders for the group. Suppliers with Orders access will not be notified, but will still be able to access the order when they log into Anvyl. 




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