Upload a file to a purchase order

You can attach files to a purchase order directly by email, without ever needing to log into the Anvyl platform. When you receive an email notification and attach a file to it, Anvyl automatically adds the file to the correct PO. Each purchase order will contain a minimum of one file, the purchase order. If a purchase order is revised and issued, a new purchase order file will be created. 

This article describes:

How to attach files to an order in Anvyl

Attaching files in Anvyl is easy and it properly stores the file under the correct classification.

  1. Click Open Orders base (if a purchase order is open) or locate the correct View
    • Locate the purchase order
    • Hover over the row
    • Select the overflow menu "..."
    • Click Upload file
    • This will take you directly to the Files tab
  2. Or you can search for the PO # in the global search or click the order directly on any of your Views
  3. Click the Files tab.
  4. Drag and drop a file to the space provided or click browse files.
  5. Type in caption
  6. Select an option in the Category drop-down list.
  7. Click Save.

How to attach files by email

  1. Open the email notification you received.
  2. Click Reply All.
    Note: You must use the reply all functionality to make sure the Anvyl platform adds your file to the purchase order on the platform.
  3. Attach one or more files.
  4. Click Send.
    Note: The file will be uploaded under the classification "Production Update" in the category "In Production". As the brand, you will able to recategorize the file in the Files tab.

The supplier contact will receive an email notifying them of an uploaded file. They have the option to comment directly against the file directly in Anvyl. A "File discussion" thread will appear inside the Messages tab in addition to the number of comments shown underneath the file in the Files tab. Learn more about messaging on files here

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