Add a third-party collaborator to purchase orders

Third-party collaborators have access only to the specific orders to which they’ve been invited. They can see the purchase order quantity and pricing details, and they also have permission to add files, messages, and tasks, but will not be able to update an order status or edit the order details. To learn more insights into their access levels, click here

Third-party collaborators are tied to a specific order in Anvyl. Therefore, in order to add a third-party collaborator, you must have a purchase order in your account. To learn how to issue a purchase order, please visit the article here.

To add a third-party collaborator, perform the following steps:

  1. Add collaborator through settings
  2. Add to an existing purchase order

 Add the collaborator to your Anvyl account

  1. If the collaborator already exists in the account, proceed to step 2.
  2. When logged in, click on your Avatar, and go into the Team Settings or Company Settings
    • Click into a team if prompted
  3. Click on the Orders tab.
  4. Click on the Third-Party Collaborators dropdown.
  6. Add the collaborator’s name, email address, and desired restrictions.
  7. If you know the purchase order you would like them to collaborate on you can invite them to those orders by selecting the order number
  8. Add a message inviting them
  9. Click SUBMIT

Step 2: Add the collaborator to an order

  1. Locate the order through global search or Orders base view
  2. Click into the Order you wish to add a collaborator on
  3. In the Order Details Page, find the Collaborators section and click Share with collaborators
  4. From the dropdown select the users email address.
  5. If not listed, click add collaborator and fill out the form. Screen_Shot_2021-08-19_at_7.30.19_AM.png
  6. Click SAVE.

Note: Both suppliers and third-party collaborators can be added to draft purchase orders. When this occurs, suppliers will not be able to see the PO number until the PO is issued. Invitations to third-party collaborators will not appear in an order’s activity timeline. Collaborators must activate their Anvyl accounts, which is creating a password to see order information and add files or messages. It is free for collaborators to use Anvyl. 


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