Create an order with multiple parts in bulk

If you'd like to place a purchase order with multiple parts, Anvyl allows you to upload an offline file with the parts you wish to order.

  1. When logged into Anvyl, enter into your browser
  2. Or click the global actions button and add Add order
  3. Click the Skip to PO Form button.
  4. Enter the required PO information.
  5. In the Part Items section of the PO form, select the Bulk upload part items link.
  6. Upload your data file here.
  7. Select whether or not the highlighted row contains column names.
  8. Match the columns to the appropriate fields by clicking Lookup matching fields. You can select Ignore this column if that column of data should not be uploaded.
  9. Review the data before uploading it. You will automatically be shown any potential errors in your data so you can correct them before you complete the upload.
  10. Click Continue to confirm the upload.
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