Add other items to a purchase order

In the course of a purchase order, you may have additional items that are needed to be included on the purchase order, such as a credit or discount from a previous manufacturing run. There may be a line item for a standard packaging fee or for quality. Through the use of the field, Other items, it's easy to add these items to a new purchase order or an already issued purchase order. If there are changes to an existing purchase order, the supplier contacts will be notified of the change and a new version denoting the revision copy will be added to the Files section.

Follow the steps to issuing a new purchase order:

  1. These may be editable in the fields in Other items or you may have to add these items from the order details page

If the purchase order is issued or saved in draft:

  1. Access the purchase order from either global search or the Open orders base
  2. On the order details page, click Show more directly under the Part Items header
  3. Add Item under Other Items header
  4. Enter the name of the credit
    • Enter the quantity amount
      • This could be a one-time credit and in that case enter 1
      • If for a credit on the production run, enter the total quantity as seen in the image below under Part items
    • Price
      • If a credit or discount it must be a negative price, therefore starting with a "-"
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