Parts can become obsolete over time and may not have a functional use in your parts library anymore. There are two approaches you can take to remove this part to be no longer visible in your library:

  1. Archive a part
  2. Delete a part that's never been ordered

Archive a part

If you have ordered against this part in the past, Anvyl doesn't allow you to delete this part. Instead, archive it. This allows you to look up historical orders and continue to have an audit trail in case something is needed for this part.

  1. Log in to Anvyl
    • Use global search to find the Part number
    • Or click on the Parts base
  2. Locate the Part you wish to archive
  3. Click on the Part and it will take you to the Parts Detail Page
    • Click Archive
  4. Or hover over the part in the Parts base
  5. Hover over the third icon with a downward arrow and Archive part will appear
  6. Click the element
  7. Review the disclaimer and click OK



Delete a part 

If this part has never been ordered then it's okay to delete this outright as it will contain no ordering data. If you did store MOQ, pricing and supplier information, Anvyl recommends archiving this part and can follow the steps above on how to do that. 

When the above steps are followed, you will notice that the Delete button is available when reviewing the Parts detail page. In the Parts base, you will have to select the overflow menu (...) and have the option to then Active part or Delete part




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