What is a unit, master case, and pallet?

  • A unit is a single part or item. 
  • A master case is a box or carton that contains multiple units, and sometimes also includes inner packs, which is another level of packaging. 
  • A pallet is a shipping platform in which multiple master cases are shipped on. 
  • Units are packed into master cases, which are packed into pallets to be shipped.

You can save units per master pack and master packs per pallet information at the part-supplier level of your Parts Library. This information is used during the ordering process to help you optimize shipping quantities according to the pallet space available.

Example without Inner Packs

For example, if your shipping configuration is as follows: 

  • Units per master case = 12 units
  • Master cases per pallet = 24 master cases

Then, a total of 288 units (12 x 24) can fit onto a shipping pallet. Anvyl will use this data to help you order full pallets for parts, so that you’re not “shipping air” and maximizing the value of shipping costs. 

Example with Inner Packs

In some situations, a master case may have another level of packaging called inner packs. When units are packed into inner packs, inner packs are packed into master cases, and master cases are packed into pallets to be shipped. 

For example, your shipping configuration may include: 

  • Units per master case = (6 x 16) = 96 units 
    • 6 units fit into an inner pack
    • 16 inner packs fit into a master case
  • Master cases per pallet = 24 master cases

Then, a total of 2,304 units (96 x 24) can go onto a shipping pallet. 

Why save package information on Anvyl

Anvyl uses this information to suggest when you place an order quantity for the part.


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