How do I test Anvyl without issuing a real purchase order to my supplier?

If you wish to test the platform features without issuing a real purchase order to your suppliers we recommend the following:

  • When adding your supplier contact information, input your own email address or the email address of someone on your team.
  • The email address you input in this field will receive the purchase order every time you issue a purchase order to this supplier.
  • In addition, the owner of the email address in this field will be given the ability to work through and view all supplier workflows. More information on the supplier portal can be found here.


Once created, you can change the email settings for supplier contacts

If you keep the default settings for the supplier contact, the email address you enter in the supplier contact information will also receive the following emails:

  • Email prompts to confirm the first four order milestones
  • Email notifications for Messages they are tagged in
  • Email notifications for Tasks they are assigned to
  • Email reminders for Tasks they are assigned to and are due soon
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