Who and how can I add a team member?

If you've had a new team member join that needs access to Anvyl, you can send a request to your brand to grant them access to Anvyl. Anyone who is supporting the purchase order which entails finance, customer service, quality, and/or shipping/receiving can have access (plus many more job functions). There is no limit on who you invite to use Anvyl.

  1. Open Anvyl and click the Brands base view in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click the Brand Name in the list.
  3. Click Your team access.
  4. Click the Request Access button.
  5. Enter your team member’s information and the access level you’d like them to have.
  6. Click Send.

Once an invite request is made, the following steps will take place:

  1. The brand will receive a notification to accept your request.
  2. The brand must accept the request for the new user to have access to their orders.
  3. After acceptance, the new supplier user will receive an invitation email to join Anvyl.
  4. The new supplier user must create a new password for their Anvyl account.


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